About Us

Hey there 👋, we are Blixify, a software house based in Penang/Singapore 🏝️ which philosophically believe in minimalistic and user-centric products 🌱. We use agile methodology (Build-Measure-Learn) in deploying products 📊.

About Us

Blixify was established in late 2020 and is based in Penang, Malaysia. We are a software house focusing on Full-Stack Web and Mobile App Development as well as Internet of Things (IoT) services.

We build our own proprietary dashboard engine that serves as a versatile dashboard for our clients, allowing users to effortlessly read and update data, create interactive charts, and automate processes.

By utilizing our dashboard engine, developers can focus on building client applications faster. Our engine simplifies the project cycle, making it up to five times faster. Some features of our dashboard engine include :

Interactive/Dynamic Database

A spreadsheet-like database that allows users to seamlessly add/edit row/columns with roles access. Form sharing capability to input data without login.

Graph Visualisation

Draw insightful graphs based on the data from our dynamic database.

Workflow Engine

Perform automation based on triggers made on database like sending an email or creating a new item when a certain task is completed.

Third Party API Integration

Open API for developers to build customization for data visualisation and IoT product integration.

R&D Efforts

At Blixify, we strive to improve our technical know-how to deliver more values to our partners & clients. We are constantly learning to keep ourselves updated with latest technologies & machine learning algorithms to deliver the best value to our clients

Renewable Energy

We have explored bioplastic filament (51% palm oil kernel, 49% plastic) to use in some of our prototyping 3d printed projects

Deep Learning Algorithms

Constant learning is always our philosophy, our team constantly explores the latest advancements in artificial neural networks to understand their practical applications for our clients.

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Contact Email : info@blixify.co

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