Hey there 👋, we are Blixify, a software house based in Penang/Singapore 🏝️ which philosophically believe in minimalistic and user-centric products 🌱. We use agile methodology (Build-Measure-Learn) in deploying products 📊.

Our Services

We specialises in the development of Full-Stack Web, Mobile Applications and Internet of Things (IoT) services. Some common use cases of our services are allowing clients to gather valuable data insights, increase operational efficiencies and improve customer experiences.​

Full-Stack Web Development

We craft mobile-friendly web app applications, covering modules such as ecommerce, transport management, and content management to empower your business

Mobile App Development

Unlocking the potential of mobile technology, we specialize in crafting cross-platform mobile applications tailored for both Android and iOS. Bringing your app ideas to life

Internet of Things (IoT)

From integrating a diverse range of off-the-shelf sensors to seamlessly connecting with custom machines via protocols like RS485, we enable intelligent connectivity for your business.

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